Automatic Burger Broiler

£3,500.00 excl tax

Quick Overview

A high capacity broiler designed for more flexible broiling. This grill is equipped with a bun grill for caramelising buns.


High capacity Flow-through Dual belt (Bun and Meat) Individual controls (Heating Elements) Bun grill Easy cleaning and maintenance Variable speed control Electric (Single and Three phase are available)


Machine size: Width: 53cm (21 inches) Length: 66cm (26 inches) Height: 78.7cm (31 inches)

Belt size: Width: 35.5cm (14 inches) Length: 40.6cm (16 inches)


These broilers are designed to give you that great, juicy, flame broiled taste your customers love, while giving you the ability to broil a wider range of your menu items. This is a simple to use, high capacity broiler that has a built in bun grill to perfectly caramelise buns at the same time as the meat.

These Automatic broilers are being used in KFC, Burger King, McDonalds, etc.. because of their quality, consistency and reliability.